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, mfn. (3a + the present stem of vaḷañjati,
Sadd 349,22), impassable, impracticable, out of use; m.
tava vicaraṇa-maggo ~o viya jāto, Dhp-a IV 116,9;
acc. m. maggaṁ (prob. ɔ: vacca-maggaṁ) ~aṁ karoti,
Ps II 377,15 (obstructs); acc. n. setu-saṁkamanāni~aṁ
akaṁsu (as in cpd. with karoti), Vv-a 46,3; loc. n. ~e
chadḍeti, Vin IV 266,1.2 (where nobody passes'!).