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, mfn., being a constituent; loc.
~esu, Vism 485,16; — °-vinimmutta, mfn., apart
from the members; m.
samūho ~o paramatthato avijja-
māno, Ud-a 22,13 = pt ad Sv I 33,10; — °-visesa-
, mfn., having different parts; m. pl. ~vanto,
Vv-a 276,3; — °-sabhāva-ṭṭhāna, n., the natural
place of the parts;
~aṁ, Ud-a 20,17; — °-sambandha,
m., connection with the parts (a function of the gen.); loc.
~e, Ud-a 37,11 (cf. ib. 118,7); Mogg-p II 1 (Ce 36,11);
— °-âdi-sampanna, mfn., possessed of the different
logical members, etc.
(see avayava, c); f. ~ā (vācā),
Pj II 397,5.