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, pr. 3 sg. (only in Ct.s explaining
(va)jhāyati (Sadd 350,3 foll.), see apajjhāyati, upa-
jjhāyati and sa. ava + √dhyai with different mean-
), to muse or mourn; 3 sg. ~ati, Spk I 113,15 ( =
balava-cintanaṁ cinteti, ad SN I 57,24*: akkha-
cchinno va jhāyati, quoted Mil 66,30*, cf. SN I 67,2*:
akkha-cchinno va socati); Nidd I 149,28 foll. (jhāyati
pajjhāyati nijjhāyati ~ati (v. l. apajjhāyati) = tato
apagantvā cinteti, Nidd-a); 3 pl. ~anti, Dhp-a III
132,18-24 (ad Dhp 155: jiṇṇa-koñcā va jhāyanti).