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(or ava-jiyyati), pr. 3 sg. pass, (from
ava + √ji), (a) to be lost (in game or war) (nom. rei),
(b) to lose (nom. personæ, acc. rei); Dhp 179 (yassa
jitaṁ nâvajīyati (a); Dhp-a III 197,14) ≠ Ja I
313,23*-24* (Ct.); hereof [or from the active ava-jeti?
cf. parā + √ji] pot. 1 sg., Ja VI 155,3* (b; read with Ct.
in Cks
; pati(ṁ) mâham avajiyyaṁ = let me not lose
my husband,
[omitting the words maṁ yācām' ahaṁ],
Cks ajiyyaṁ, Ee Bds ajeyyaṁ). ava-jīyati