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or o-cchindati, pr. 3 sg. [sa.
avacchinatti, √chid; Sadd 472,13], (a) to cut off (to
intercept or bar
), (b) to divide in morsels (small portions),
(c) to do something abruptly; Ja II 388,16 (maggaṁ
0°; a); part. med. f. ~amānā (0°, ib. 15, do.); abs.
(a). ~itvā, Ja II 389,14 (maggaṁ o°; a); 404,14 (do.);
Ps III 7,25-28 (khandhagataṁ pātetukāmassa sato,
scil. hatthi-dammassa (c), i. e. with a sudden move-
); ~itvā ~itvā (kabaḷaṁ), Sp (IV) 893,24 (b);
(β) avacchijja padentassa, Vin-vn 1536 (scil. yaṁ
kiñci āmisaṁ; b), cf. Sp (IV) 855,6 (vicchinditvā
vicchinditvā deti, scil. yāguṁ). ava-cchindati