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, prp. ati before vowels except î, (cf. ajjh-°,
anv-°, pacc-°); thus [with 2_3a] = acca-°: accaya;
in words of more than 3 syllables we find accā-°:
accābhikkhaṇa, accāsana, accāhita (accāyika, accā-
sarā); accūpasevati; cf. ty-āhaṁ, khv-āhaṁ.
Rem. acc, as an independent word, in the v. r.
acc-āyaṁ to Ja III 334,22* (quoted Dhp-a III 141,18),
is given as pratīka in the form accā ti, Ja III 335,3',
[like iccā ti, Nidd I 139,26].