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, f. [ts.], abstracted from a-yoniso; not the
right method;
MN III 140,13 foll. (~i h'esā phalassa
adhigamāya); acc ~im paṭinissajja, SN I 203,15* (=
anupāya-manasikāraṁ (q. v.) vajjehi, Spk); instr.
~iyā, Nett 39,32 (v. l. ayoniso, q. v.); — °saṁvi-
, n., inconsiderate dispositions; instr. ~ena,
Th 291 (so Th-a Ce; Ee ayoniso saṁvidhānena against
a-yoniTh 219 (accord. to Ct. = ayoniso, anupāyena).