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, mfn. [sa. a-mukta, neg. pp. of √muc],
(a) not released, not liberated (from, abl.); m. pl.
māra-bandhanā, It 93,2*; —(b), not ejected; loc. ~e
(scil. asucimhi), Sp I 278,11; not shot; n. ~am, a non-
missile weapon
, Abh 386; MTD; — °-taṇha, mfn.,
not free from craving; m. pl.
~ā, Nidd I 49,4 ( = 'avī-
tataṇhā'; = accantasamuccheda-ppahānâbhāvena na
mutta-taṇhā, Nidd-a).