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, mfn. [ts., pp. of abhi + √dhā], said,
spoken, expressed;
Abh 755; acc. sg. m. ~aṁ, Ud-a
41,9 (na ... antogadha-niyamehi vacanehi ~aṁ (scil.
paccayabhāvaṁ) muñcitvā añño paccaya-bhāvo nāma
atthi); — °-katta(r), m., the subject (agens) expressed
by the verbal form
(see Rūp Ce 98,22); nom. ~ā, Sadd
691,24 (do. neg. an-° ib. 25). — °-kamma, n. (Sadd
693,3; do. neg. an-° ib. 5). abhi-hita