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, m., an assassin (speaking of Deva-
dātta's attempt at the life of Buddha); acc. pl. ~e
pesetvā, Sv I 152,6; vadhatthaṁ maṁ Devadatto
~e payojayi, Ap 300,10, quoted Ud-a 265,2* and Mp-ṭ
ad AN V 123,1; Devadatto . . . ~e payojesi, Ja II
199,11; °âdisu payojitesu, Ja III 97,14 (so Cks, at-
tested by the clerical error
abhirāmādisu; Ee with B
dhanuggahesu, cf. III 536,25); — °-payojana, n.,
1abhi-māraJa VI 129,20 foll.).