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, & °-ppavaṭṭha (C-readings, also
misread as
°-ppavaddha; B-reading generally °-ppa-
vuṭṭha), mfn. (pp. of abhi-ppavassati), rained upon,
having rained
(pass. & act.); DN II 345,8-10 (kantāre
mahāmegho ~vaṭṭo); MN I 306,16 (pāvussakena me-
abhi-ppavaṭṭa(uparipabbate mahāmegho ~vuṭṭho hoti) ≠ Ps I 98,14
(~vaṭṭho); SN III 155,8 (tāni, scil. bandhanāni,
pāvussakena meghena ~vaṭṭāni, B. ~vuṭṭhāni) =
V 51,9 (one B-ms ~vuṭṭhāni, C-mss. abhi-ppabaddhāni,
i. e. ~vaṭṭāni) = AN IV 127,18 (~vuṭṭhāni, so B,
~vaṭṭhāni). Cf. Geiger § 62,2.