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, mfn. [neg. grd. of sa. prati +
√vṛt], not to be turned backwards (as a rollinq wheel),
or stopped; n.
cakkaṁ ~aṁ, Sn 554 = MN ch. 92
(quoted Mil 183,14*) ≠ AN III 148,1 = MN III 248,8
(dhammacakkam pavattitaṁ ~aṁ samaṇena vā
brāhmaṇena vā ...); Ps I 46,28 (°-varadhammacakka-
pavattana, n.); m. ~o (dhammapariyāyo pavattito),
MN III 77,25; acc. ~aṁ sīhanādaṁ nadi, Ja II 245,5