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, mfn. (neg. grd. of paṭibāhaṭi
or ~eti), not to be warded off or evaded; n. ~aṁ, Pv-a
286,11; — °-bāhita, mfn. (neg. pp. do.), not con-
tradicted; m. pl.
~ā(= 'appaṭikkuṭṭhā'), Spk II 279,13
≠ Mp II 277,24 (m. ~o); — °-bāhitvā, neg. abs. of
do., nhaving disapproved;
Sv I 160,19 (= 'appaṭi-
kkositvā'); — °-bāhiya, mfn. (neg. grd. of do.), —
a-ppaṭi-bāhanīya(°pāpakammassa ~aṁ ñatvā).