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, mfn. (neg. part. med. of pu-
rekkharoti), 'not placing in front', not laying stress
upon, showing no preference;
Sn 844 (Bl apurakkh°,
kāmehi ritto ~o; = āyatiṁ attabhāvaṁ an-abhi-
nibbattento, Pj; = . . . nandiṁ na samanvāgameti,
Nidd I 200,3; Nidd-a (Se) I 382,20 = Pj; cf. Nidd-a
(Se) I 387,s: vaṭṭaṁ purato akurumāno), quoted and
commented upon
SN III 9,22*-12,27 (Ee a-purakkh°:
cf. Spk II 261,3 = Nidd-a (Se) I 387,8).