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, f., explanation of
words not occurring
(or not explained) in the preceding;
~ā, As 189,25; 192,3; Sp (II) 517,6*; Pj II
400,4; Ps I 109,17 (Ee anupubba°); acc. ~aṁ yeva
karissāma, As 156,3; ~aṁ katvā, Ps I 54,7 (Ck &
Se here better anupubba-p°, q. v.); ~aṁ karissāma.
Ps I 87,32; 137,19; Sp (III) 636,3*; idha ~aṁ karis-
sāma, Pj II 300,12. Cf. a-pubba-vaṇṇanā, f., id.,
Pj II 394,15 (°attham idaṁ vuccati; cf. etam a-pub-
baṁ, ib. 14).