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or pi, prefix to verbs and their derivates,
expressive of placing on or over
('covering' = saṁ-
varaṇa, Abh 1183): (a)+√i, see 2appeti; — (b) +
√dhā, see api-dahati (apidheti), api-dhāna, api-hita;
pi-dahati, pi-dahita, (a)pidahana pi-dhāna, (a)pi-
thīyati; — (c) + √nah, see api-ḷayhati, pi-landha, pi-
landhati, pi-ḷayhati, (a)pi-landhana; — (d) + √lap,
see api-lāpeti, api-lapana(ta), pi-lapati; [at Ja VI
246 2 6*: kākolasaṁghehi pi kaḍḍhamānaṁ, Tr.
*pi-kaḍḍh°; vi-kaḍḍh° would fit the meaning];
cf. api-ratte below.