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(a would-be pp.) or rather a-palokina
and (metr.) *a-ppalokina (for °loki(n), cf. Sn 739;
Thī 101), mfn., 'not liable to decay' (by Ctt. derived
√luj [cf. lu(ñ)c]; n. ɔ: the nibbāna (cf. accuta);
Abh 7; SN IV 370,7 (v. l. a-ppalokaṁ; a-palujjanatāya
~aṁ, Spk); 373,22* (metr.: ajajjaran taṁ dhuvam
ap(p)alokinaṁ) quoted Nett 55,8*; Abhidh-av 82,14*;
— °-gāmi(n), mfn., leading to nibbāna; SN IV 370,7
(~iñ ca maggaṁ).