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, mfn. (neg. pp. of pariyosiyati; cf.
pary-ava-sita), unfinished, unfulfilled; °-saṁ-
, mfn., whose aspirations are unsatisfied; DN II
287,7* (~o vicikicchī kathaṁkathī vicari(ṁ) dīgham
addhānaṁ; = a-niṭṭhita-manoratho, Sv); Ap 26,1 (~o
kutitthe sañcariṁ ahaṁ) = Th-a (Ce) II 104,31*; —
°-sikkha, mfn., whose training is unfulfilled, hence
°-sikkhatta, n. abstr., Ud-a 363,5.