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, m., a later course (of life),
another existence; sometimes by confusion with
pariya (q. v.) written aparāpariyāya; °vasena, Mp (Ec)
II 369,34; — °-vedan[ī/i]ya, mfn., to be suffered for
apara-pariyāyaSs 102,21); Pv-a 242,29 (aparāp°); Ud-a 292,16 (apa-
rāpariyāya-vedanīya-bhūtā); — °-vedan[ī/i]ya-kam-
ma, n., a deed to be suffered for later on, Ps (Ee) III
339,19; Mp (Ee') II 211,24; — °-vedayitabba-phala,
mfn., the result of which will be felt in other existences,
Pv-a 242,30 (aparāp°).