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, m. Npr. of the slave of Deva-
gabbhā, and husband of Nandagopā (sa. Andhaka-
Vṛṣṇi, [cf. Amg Andhagavaṇhi], pl. ~ayah > *Andha-
ka-Viṇhayo replaced by Andhaka-Veṇhuyo [cf. Veṇhu
ɔ: Viṣṇu]; hence the sg. Andhaka-Veṇhu); Ja IV
79,20; 81,13; pl. ~uyo (= Andhaka-veṇhu-dāsa-
puttā), Ja V 267,12*; — °-dāsa-puttā, m. pl., the
ten sons of
Devagabbhā, thus named, because they
had been fostered secretly by her slave
and his
Ja IV 81,8,12; — °-puttā, m. pl., do., Ja V
18,1*; 19,23'.