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, mfn., inner, innermost [= 1antara;
formed after the analogy of majjhima (pacchima),
cf., later on, sinh, pæsuḷu, from (prākr) pacchilla, with
ætuḷu, from *antilla]; — only in the compd. °-maṇ-
, n., = anto-maṇḍala (q. v.), Sp I 196,35 (197,17)
(mahāmaṇḍalaṁ majjhima-m° + ; Sp-ṭ: ~an ti khud-
daka-maṇḍalaṁ, itaresaṁ vā maṇḍalānaṁ anto-
gadhattā 'antima-maṇḍalaṁ', abbhantarima-maṇḍa-
lan ti vuttaṁ hoti ≠ Vjb).