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, mfn. [pp. of sa. antar + √i], in a pas-
sive sense generally with instr, or ifc.
= separated
by, or being at a distance of; m.
~o, Mp ad AN III
186,1 (kuḍḍâdīhi); f. ~ā, Ps (Ee) III 334,26 (aṭṭha-
usabhamattena ṭhānena ~; so CeEe, Ce giving v. l. an-
taritvā; Ck antaritvā, Se ajānantī (w. r.)); n. ~aṁ,
Mil 291,6 (anekehi bhava-sahassehi, cf. paṭicchanna,
Ja I 98,7, etc.); ifc. Mp I 138,21-22; gen. ~assa( pā-
kāra-kuḍḍâdi-°), As 84,14. — °-tta, n. abstr.; abl.
(musāvādena, being interwoven with lies), Sv I 73,13