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(sometimes written an-ela; only in Ct. analy-
sis of
anelagala, anelamūga, aneḷaka), mfn., faultless,
free from impurity
(said to be derived from eḷa or ela,
n. = doso, Sadd 438,30; or from eḷā or elā, f. =
lālā, kheḷo, Sadd 439,4-5); [Ud 59,27 (~āya, read
anelagalāya)]; Pj II 124.10 (aneḷo ca amūgo ca, —
an-eḷaagaḷāya niddosāya, = 'aneḷagalāya'). Cf. anelagala,
anelamūga below, and a-neḷaka; for Buddh, sa. anelā
(scil. vāk) see anelagala below.