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) pr. 3 sg. (caus. of anu + √sṛ), to let
go after
(to relief), [to (cause to) escorts)]; pot. 3 sg.
~eyya (+ anupeseyya), Mil 36,28. [abs. ~etvā, Ps II
243,27, v. l. for anusaṁsāvetvā, MN I 209,36; cf. anu-
sāritvā, DN II 175,6 (v. l. B. for anu-saṁyāyitvā) &
anu-sāritvā, Ja V 383,10 (so Cks for anu-sāsitvā, Bds Ee,
which Tr. corrects into
anu-sāretvā from anu + √smṛ)].