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, pr. 3 sg. [sa. anu + √lip], (a) to
smear on, to besmear, to anoint;
(b) [sa. anulimpate]
to anoint oneself, see anulimpeti; Mil 112,5-10; 169,12
(v. l.); aor. 1 sg. ~iṁ, Ap 323,10 (Tathāgataṁ) =
Th-a Ce 225,7* (anupiṁsiṁ!); Ap 349,1 (agaluṁ anu-
limp' ahaṁ); abs. ~itvā, Ap 323,11 = Th-a Ce 225,8*
(anupiṁsitvā!); grd. ~itabba, mfn., Mil 394,25; pp-
anu-litta (q. v.); caus, anu-limpeti (q. v.), cf. anu-
lepanīya. anu-limpati