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, n., prob. = the upper part of a door,
or gate, only instr.
~ena, by the way of ~, i. e. making
his way above the door;
~ena assamaṁ pavisitvā (scil.
Vepacitti asurindo), SN I 226,18 (v. l. andhavana-
dvārena, cf. ib. 226,22 dvāren'eva assamaṁ pavisitvā,
scil. Sakko); ~ena nikkhamitvā (i. e. above the town-
), Ja I 114,15 = Dhp-a I 240,5 (with v. l. uttara-
dvārena, cf. Ja VI 364,8); Ja II 140,10 (cf. the parallel
Dhp-a IV 55,10, where the words ~ena nikkhamitvā
are omitted); ~ena palāyitvā, Ja III 337,15.