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, mfn. [ts.], (a) who has not entered
upon or into, not reborn in
(acc); SN IV 400,2 (añña-
taraṁ kāyaṁ ~o; Ee anuppanno; Spk); AN V 270,23
(taṁ ṭhānaṁ ~o; v. l. anuppanno); — (b) not
(in, instr.); AN II 6,25 (sutena~o; Ee
an-upapannahence: without competence, etc.: DN I 97,22 (mātito
. . . ~o, not of pure descent on the mother's side; Ee
anuppanno; — khattiyavaṁsaṁ appatto apari-
suddho, Sv); — (c) in gramm. = not to be formed
accord, to the given rules
(said of words given as
nipāta), Kacc 393; (quoted Sadd 800,17). — Cf. an-