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, pr. 3 sg. [sa. *anu-pra +
√gam], to go over to, to pass into, to be dissolved into
(acc); pathavī pathavī-kāyaṁ anupeti ~, DN I 55,22
(Sv) = 'MN I 515,11 (Ps) = SN III 207,1 (Spk),
quoted Ja V 239,28'; some mss. of DN, MN, SN give
here a reading
anupigacchati [i. e. anu-(a)pigacchati;
cf. sa. apy-eti], see MN Ip.572,10; but the Ctt. (Sv I
anu-pagacchatialways anupagacchati; Ja V 239,17* (yato ca rūpaṁ
sambhoti tatth'eva ~; = tatth'eva gacchati, Ct).