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, mfn. [ts.], nasal, or m. ~o, or f.
~ā, a nasal sound, here not distinguished from the
anusvāra (see this and niggahīta, Sadd 606,17-27);
~aṁ katvā, Pāt (ed. by Minayeff) p. 30 n. i; m.
~o (gāthābandhasukhatthaṁ): Pj I 192,24 (ad Sn
anu-nāsika730.14 ad Vin III 263,19** (scil. the adventitious -ṁ
in the abs. upavassa-ṁ [and in upasampajja-ṁ, Vibh
257,32]; ~assa lopo, Pj II 105,19; — f. ~ā, Ja III
15,5' (cf. Sadd 147,2 foll.). — Ifc. v. ° (mfn.). —
°-lopa, m. [ts.], dropping of a°; Pj II 410,13; 508,17;
Vv-a 114,12; 154,22; 253,7; 275,4 (akata-°); 333,24.
— °âgama, m. (cf. āgama), insertion of a°; Ud-a