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, mfn. (an + itiha, with rhythm, length-
ening as in
an-āpara, etc.), not received through tra-
(or from others' instruction), being of one's own
invention, devised by oneself;
Sn 934 (sakkhi dham-
maṁ ~am adassī; = atta-paccakkhaṁ, Nidd &
Nidd-a; = paccakkhaṁ, Pj); 1053 (dhammaṁ diṭṭhe
an-ītiha1066(santiṁ diṭṭhe dhamme ~aṁ, quoted Nett 166,6*;
Nett-a: 'iti hâsā' ti evaṁ na iti-kirāya pavattaṁ,
attapaccakkhan ti attho); Th 331 (anuppatto sac-
chikato sayaṁ dhammo ~o); It 28,14* (brahma-
cariyaṁ ~aṁ; It-a) = 29,15* = AN II 26,10* (=
itiha-parivajjitaṁ aparapattiyaṁ, Mp); Ja I 450,28*
(~aṁ, scil. phalaṁ; cf. 451,6').