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, n. (cf. sa. a-nivartana, mfn.), the
not turning back
(esp. to the worldly life); abl. gatassa
~ato, Th-a (Ce) 464,25 ad Th 451; °atthaṁ, for the
sake of
~, Pj II 114,26. — °-tā, f. abstr., see Tr.
a-nivattanaback, not fleeing,
Ja I 263,13. — °-bhāva, m. abstr.,
Ja I 470.29'. — °-sabhāva, mfn., having the nature
~, ib. 32'. — °-saraṇa, n., the refuge for ever,
Mp III 344,13. — °-sīla, n., a steadfast moral con-
duct, ib.