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(or a-niyāma, q. v.), m. [ts.], absence
of rule or fixed order, uncertainty;
Abh 949; °-vasena,
adv., without rule or order, indiscriminately, in general
(without summoning any certain persons, Tr.), Ja III
532,5 (~ bhikhusaṁgham sannipătetvā). — °-[a]ttha,
mfn., with indefinite sense (ind the sense of the rel.
pron., see
aniyāmita); Pay fol. khai 3—4 (said of
aññatara, aññatama; do. ya-saddo); Sadd 266,28;
Ud-a 321,1 (vā-saddo). — °-niddesa, m., (expression
by means of
) an indef, or rel. pron, (see aniyāmita);
Ud-a 278,13 (fye keci'); Pj I 134,16 ('yā').