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, n. (adj.), what concerns anama-
tagga, i. e. the discourse about that; desesi ~aṁ, Dīp
VIII 6; Sp I 67,4* (cf. MhvXII 31); Mhv XV 186
(do., Nandanavane); ~aṁ paccavekkhitvā, Ps III
209,4; pl. ~āni kathesi (Nandanavane), Sp I 81,26;
Vism 305,8 (paccavekkhitabbāni, quoting SN II 189,8).
— °-sutta, n. (or °iya(ṁ) suttaṁ Dīp XIV 45 (cf.
Sp I 81,26; Mhv XV 186).