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, mfn. [grd. of akkhāti, sa. ākhyeya],
to be told, what may be expressed (by words); nām aṁ
evâvasissati ~aṁ petassa jantuno, Sn 808 (Nidd,
Pj); hence: an empirical object (what is arbitrarily
expressed by a certain term
), SN I 11,22* foll. (Spk)
= It 54,1* (It-a). — °-saññi(n), mfn., having only
the notion of the empirical
, ~ino sattā (+ akkheyyas-
miṁ patiṭṭhitā), SN II 1,22*. — °-sampanna, mfn.,
possessed of (full understanding of) empirical objects
[i. e. as being without reality], It 54,7* (It-a). — Cf.
SN trsl. I p. 17 n. 1.