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, mfn. 1. 'not having overcome', i. e.
subject to
(in future; with acc. negative complement to
°-dhamma); jarā-dhammo jaraṁ~o, DN II 23,10; AN
I 138,31; 145,28; vyādhiṁ ~o, DN II 24,13; MN III
181,10; maraṇaṁ~o, DN II 26,14; SN I 97,17 (sabbe
an-atīta~ā); jātiṁ ~o, MN III 179,27; evaṁdhammo evaṁ-
bhāvī etaṁ (or evaṁ) ~o, MN I 58,13 (Ps) = III
91,18 = DN II 295,11; [an-atītaṁ, Ja V 455,32',
ts w. r. for antâtītaṁ]. — 2. not passed away, still
existing; in the comp,
an-atīta-satthuka, mfn., see