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, n. [sa. ākhyāna], announcing, preach-
ing; description
, MN III 167,20 (na sukaram ~ena
pāpuṇituṁ, to describe it in full, Ps) ≠ Vv-a l 14,13;
esp. the telling of tales or legends (included in the series
of public amusements
), DN I 6,12 (naccaṁ, gītaṁ + ;
= Bhārata-Rāmāyanâdi, Sv), III 183,13; also name of
the old epic literature, associated with the 3
(or 4) Vedas:
akkhāna-pañcama, mfn. Ja V 450,14* (vedaṁ ~aṁ,
= itihāsa-pañcamaṁ veda-catukkaṁ, Ct.; cf. DN I
88,6). — Ifc. see: an-°, abhūta°, utu-'kkhāna,
guyha°, dosa°, dhamma°, piya°.