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, pr. 3 sg. (caus. of adhi + √pat; cf.
1adhi-pāta); 'to let fly through', hence (cf. the con-
fusion of
√paṭ and √pat): to break, split, cut off;
fut. 1 sg.
°-pātayissaṁ, Ja IV 337,14* (pāsañ ca ty-
âhaṁ ~; — chind[ay]issaṁ, cf. ib. 336,22); abs. ~etvā,
Ud 8,17; 49,35; Ud-a (95,30); 2 89,9 is prob.w. r. for
adhi-patitvā, see adhi-patati (b). adhi-pāteti