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, f. (B-mss. as a rule Aṭṭhas°), title
of the Ct. on
Dhammasaṅgaṇi, by Buddhaghosa, who,
according to
Mhv XXXVII 225 (& Sās 31,6), wrote it
before going to Ceylon
(); its name: As 429,13-20*; on
its twenty introductory stanzas a gloss was written
AtthasālinīJPTS 1910—12, p. 122,22); as its ṭīkā is named
Paṭhama-Paramatthapakāsinī, Geiger p. 26 (cf.
below); a gaṇṭhipada by Nāṇavara, Sās 121,23 (~iyaṁ
gaṇṭhipadatthaṁ . . . akāsi, cf. below); — references
As are found e.g. Pj II 120,9 (As 176—78); II 128,25
(As 192—97); — translated into Burmese by Maṇira-
tana, Sās 116,20; — Mss.: India Office Library,
45 (JPTS 1882 p. 81); Mandalay Collection
(see JPTS 1896 p. 34); British Museum (JPTS
1883 p. 141 & 1888 p. 110); Bodleian Library (JPTS
1882 p. 30); Bibl. Nat. Paris (JPTS 1882 p. 34);
Royal Library Copenhagen (Westergaard, Catalogus
p. 44 a
); — Edd.: by Edw. Müller, 1897 (PTS);
Rangoon 1902 & 1913; — Trsl, by Maung Tin: The
Expositor, Vol.
1—2. 1920—21 (PTS). — — °-aṭṭha-
kathā, f. = As; Ms. Bernard Free Library, Rangoon
(M. Bode, Pali Litt. of Burma p. 102). — °-attha-
, f., Ct. on As by Nānakitti, printed at Galle
1900 (JPTS 1910—12 p.. 138). — °-anuṭīkā, f., a
sub-commentary on the
mūlaṭīkā by Dhammapāla
(Ceylon), printed at Rangoon, see As Trsl. p. XIV—
XV; an other sub-commentary, called Maṇidīpa, by
Ariyavaṁsa (Burma); Ms. in the Mandalay Collection
(JPTS 1896 p. 34); see M. Bode, Pali Litt. of Burma
42; As Trsl. p. XV. — °-gaṇṭhi, m., title of a
work on difficult points in
As, printed at Rangoon
1900 (M. Bode, ib. p. 96). — °-ṭīkā or °-mūlaṭīkā,
Ct. on As by Ananda (Ceylon); Ms. in the Mandalay
(JPTS 1896 p. 35); Ms. & Ed. Rangoon
(see As Trsl. p. XIV). — °-nissaya, m., Burmese
translation of
As by Ariyālaṁkāra; an other by Pyi
Sadaw (see JPTS 1910—12 p. 128). — °-yojanā, f.,
a Ct. on As by Sirimaṅgala (see M. Bode, ib. p. 27;
As Trsl. p. XV; JPTS 1910—12 p. 121). — There
exists an other work with the title
Atthasālinī, Ct. on
Dhs; Burmese Ms. in the University Library, Copen-
(Dhammasaṁgaha-kathā (see Westergaard,
Catalogus p. 106 b)).