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, (atta(n) + ădhipateyya, sa.
ādhipatya), (a) mfn., having one's own self as master,
controlled by one's own conscience;
Ja I 129,26;
130,20-23 (hirī ~ā); Ps (Ee) II 313,30 (do., opp. lokâ-
dhipateyyaṁ ottappaṁ), cf. Vism 465,1; — (b) n.
attâdhipateyyalokâdhipateyyaṁ dhammâdhipateyyaṁ; = attānaṁ
adhipatiṁ jeṭṭhakaṁ katvā, Sv) = AN I 147,21
(= attānaṁ jeṭṭhakaṁ katvā, Mp); Vism 14,1.