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m., the essence that is the body, i. e. acting primarily by the body; dātabbayuttakaṁ alabhanto … han­dâhaṁ ~aṁ puññaṁ karissāmi, Th-a I 203,19 (Ee w.r. °ssāraṁ) “failing to find something appropiate as a gift ‘well, I shall perform (something) which is primarily bodily action as merit’”; ~aṁ puññaṁ pasavanto, Vv-a 304,20 (Ee w.r. kāyaharaṁ); ~aṁ puññaṁ gaṇhissāmi, Cp-a 14,9 (so read with v. l. “sī” in Ce [SHB]; Ee, Ce [SHB] w. r. °-ppasādaṁ, Be w. r. kāyârahaṁ); evaṁ kate ~o gahito na bhavissati, Ud-a 100,26 qu. Sp-ṭ III 149,6had I done that (i. e. built a palace, said by Mucalinda), (my) bodily activity would not be understood in full”; — °‑dāna-dassana, n., demonstrating a gift (which is performed) primarily by bodily action ; ~aṁ, Vv-a 25,14.