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, m.; Npr.; gotra name of the male descen-
dants of
2Kacca; applied to various individuals; alternate
form for
1Kaccāna or 1kaccāyana, q.v.; Sadd 530,1;
784,8; 922,6; 634,9; Pakudhako ~o, S I 66,22* (= Paku-
dho Kaccāyano, Spk I 127,13); ~ used for the yakkha
Puṇṇaka, ~aṁ, Ja VI 299,22*; 306,4*; 308,29*; — °-tthe-
, m.; Npr.; a thera named after the gotra of his moth-
Th 411-416 are addressed to him; his story is told
Th-a II 174,10-20; there is no Apadāna.