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, mfn., being freed (by meditating
) compassion;possible reading at A III 373,5* (cf.
s.v. karuṇa); Ee with ct.: karuṇe vimuttā ti karuṇāj-
jhāne vimuttā karuṇāya ca karuṇāpubbabhāge ca
ṭhitā, Mp III 387,23 presupposing a segmentation as in
Ee; Be reads karuṇe 'dhimutta (see s.v. karuṇâ-
dhimutta) in A and Mp; Ce 1915 ~ā vi° in A, Ce 1922
~e vi °in Mp; Ms. Lai Hin (AD 1587): ~e dhi° in A,
~e vi° in Mp][[side 300]]