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, mfn., whose mental dispo-
sition is kind by compassion;
sambuddho ... ~o, Ap
463,27 (v.l. Be °-nibandhasantāno = Th-a II 145 [Be],
neither in Ce
SHB 1918 nor Ee, where a different
Apadāna is quoted: Th-a II 207 n. 2]; — Rem.: the text
is corrected in a marginal note by
H. SMITH: "niddha <
sa. snigdha", cf. Mittelindisch § 239 and karuṇāsneha,
q.v.; also possible, but less likely is °-niḍḍa-°, "whose
mental disposition is the seat of ~", cf.
roganiḍḍa, Dhp
148 with v.II.; for the meaning of santāna cf. BHSD s.v.
saṁtāna (2).