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, n. [for °ita/°ika, cf. O. v. HINÜBER, Selected
1994: 142 foll.], bartering; yato ~aṅ ca hoti
vikkayitaṅ ca attano bhaṇḍaṁ parahatthagataṁ pa-
rabhaṇḍaṁ attano hatthagataṁ, Vin III 241,35 (yadā
~añ ca hoti parabhaṇḍaṁ attano hatthagataṁ ka-
rontena vikkītañ ca attano bhaṇḍaṁ parahatthaga-
taṁ karontena, Sp 700,2; Sp-ṭ II 425,27 foll).