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, /. [abstr.; °ta + apekkh°],
the fact of depending upon the function (of the general
); cf. O. H. PIND, Dhammapala's Reference to
Dignaga's Apoha Theory, in Bauddhavidyāsudhā-
karaḥ. Studies in Honour of H. BECHERT on the oc-
casion of his 65th Birthday, ed.
P. Kieffer-Pülz and ].-
U. Hartmann, Swisttal-Odendorf 1997 (Indica et Ti-
30); 523-27; viseso (so read with Be) ~āya (so
read with v.l.
) sāmaññassa na tena (so read) paricatto
ti āha "cakkhusaddo katthaci Buddhacakkhumhi
vattatī" (= Sv 183,9) ti, Sv-pṭ I 314,5.