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, n., diversity of kamma; ac-
cording to ct.
~ either means "diversity caused by kam-
ma," i.e., that the difference is inferred from things that
are kamma-produced, or simply "difference of kam-
ma;" ~aṁ paṭicca sattānaṁ gatiyā nānākaraṇaṁ
pañṅāyati: apadā ... ~aṁ paṭicca sattānaṁ uppatti-
yā nānākaraṇaṁ paṅñāyati: uccanīcatā +, As 65,28
foll. (= kammato nibbattanānākaraṇaṁ kammajehi
anumiyamānaṁ kammass' eva vā nānākaraṇaṁ,
As-mṭ 66,28).