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, f., (dv.) acts (of body and
), good, (bad, and indifferent precepts), and (good,
bad, and indifferent
) feelings, cf. Kkh 24,12-26; — °-vasa,
m.; on the precepts: ~enā pi c' ettha atthi sikkhāpa-
daṁ kāyakammaṁ, atthi vacīkammaṁ ... atthi ...
sikkhāpadaṁ kusalaṁ, atthi akusalaṁ, atthi avyā-
kataṁ ... atthi ca sikkhāpadaṁ tivedanaṁ, atthi dvi-
vedanaṁ, atthi ekavedanaṁ, Sp 271,2 (Sp-ṭ II 97,18).