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, mfn., trained as a wrestler; sa-
majjasamaye ~assa (Be katamallapāsāṇaparicayas-
sa) yuddhabhūmiṁ gacchantassa antarā (so read; Ee
antarā-) mallapāsāṇaṁ dassesuṁ, Sv 486,25 (Sv-pṭ
II 108,16) = Spk II 87,31 (so read with Ce; Ee katamal-
lassa [v.ll. katamallane mallassa, katamallane pac-
chassa]; Be katamallapāsāṇaparicayassa); — Rem.:
it has so far passed unnoticed that Sv and Spk in a gloss
~ mention wrestlers' use of mallapāsāṇas ("wres-
tlers' stones"
) which are well-known to archaeologists
and historians of Indian art; cf.
O. v. HINÜBER, The
Oldest Pāli Manuscript,
AWL: 17 foll.; and 27, for ref-
erences to reproductions of a "wrestler's stone"