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, m. [kata + attha], 1. the sense of "made"
(by someone; with instr.); 2. the sense of done, finished;
used, in exeg. lit., of the enclitic particle
pana, otherwise
interpreted as an adversative or expletive particle
Abh 1196; Sadd 892,29); — 1. sūrato ā tena ~e, dīgho
ca rasso. sūrena nāma vanacarakena katā pānajāti
surā, Sadd 794,23 (cf. Sadd 794,25 and Ja V 13,1-2); —
2. panasaddo ~e (v.l. gata°) nipāto, Paṭis-a 646,5 (ad
Paṭis II 194,22).