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, m., the merit of what has been done (by
somebody; with instr.
); tayā mayhaṁ ~aṁ jānanto, Ja
III 25,2'; 27,3'; IV 273,9'; tvaṁ mayā ~aṁ jānituṁ
arahasi, 463,3 ("you should acknowledge the merit of
what I have done"
); ~aṁ jānātī ti kataññū, Ap-a
540,14; — ifc. pubbe-° (Ja IV 99,29' [so read; Ee two
];— °-jānana, n., acknowledging the merit of
what has been done;
ariyesū ti attano ~ena (v.l. -jāna-
nakena; -jānanaṇesu) ariyesu parisuddhesu, Ja III